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The best men's underwear you can buy

Testers also noted how flattering the pouch felt compared with that of other brands. Is this unique pouch design absolutely necessary? Of course not.

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Both the Mack Weldon and Hanes boxer briefs will wick moisture from your body. Throughout the day, we felt like we needed to adjust ourselves less, if at all, while wearing the Saxx boxer briefs.

The U-shaped pouch of the Saxx underwear does a good job of cupping and separating the various parts of your anatomy from your thighs. Rozette Rago. The U-shaped BallPark Pouch of the Saxx underwear does a good job of cupping and separating the various parts of your anatomy from your thighs. Rendering courtesy of Saxx. Made of 57 percent cotton, 38 percent modal, and 5 percent spandex, the Undercover briefs are one of the softest and most pliable pairs of underwear we tested and more supportive than many blended-fabric pairs we tried. Some of our testers prefered the slightly softer fabric of the Mack Weldon underwear, but some may prefer the lighter overall weight and moisture absorbency of the Undercover boxer briefs.

STOP Wearing the Wrong Underwear! - The Right Boxers, Briefs, Or Trunks For Your Body Type

Ultimately, I prefer the stretch and cling of the Undercovers against my legs. They felt like they stayed in place longer and more like a second skin than the Mack Weldon and Hanes boxer briefs. While many brands including Mack Weldon only offer solid colors and staid prints, like stripes or plaid, Saxx is a little more adventurous. You can get the Undercover briefs printed with turquoise-and-red pineapples , army knives , or the patterns of iconic power ties.

They also offer standard stripes and a good selection of solid colors. Only one pair has developed a small hole on the left thigh, which I may have snagged on a splinter from a bedpost. None of the pairs I bought had lost their shape—if anything, they feel as if they fit me better now than when I first took them out of the box.

What To Look For When Buying Men's Underwear

Our other testers backed up my own experience. However, the Mack Weldon and Hanes boxer briefs come in a slightly smaller size inch waist. The equivalent Undercover size for Saxx is only available in a trunk cut. Do you need a fly?

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Not everyone does. But many people may find the lack of a fly disconcerting at best and insurmountable at worst. While we enjoyed nearly every aspect of the Saxx Undercover, it would be great if there was an option for a fly. If you want a similar cut and design to the Undercover but with a fly, you may like the Saxx Ultra. The two designs are nearly identical, but the Ultra briefs are made from a noticeably thinner viscose also known as rayon fabric that makes them looser and feel less durable.

They do the trick. Not too soft, but not stiff. They keep things front and center. And the centered brand makes me feel like a boxer in a sexy boxing match— Pow! The Mack Weldon Hour Jersey boxer briefs are the best model we tested that come with a fly.

The 13 Best Pairs of Underwear for Men

They are made of a heavier-feeling fabric than the Saxx Undercover briefs, which gives the cup both a sturdy and supportive feel and contributes to the more modest profile , but the design is missing the thigh separation of the Saxx design. The Mack Weldon briefs also require a little more care when washing.

These boxer briefs flatten the anatomy more than the Saxx, thanks to a smaller dart construction of the pouch, resulting in a more modest look than the forward Saxx design. Whether you see that as a refined and mature look or a dull lack of adventure is up to you. The quality of the materials and construction is evident from the moment you pick these up. The weight of the fabric is a little heavier than the Saxx fabric, which gives the Mack Weldon a reassuring heft.

The Our testers seemed almost conflicted with how fancy they felt while wearing these underwear. Compared to our other picks, the Mack Weldon Hour Jersey briefs are available in the widest range of waist sizes by a couple inches: S to—inch waist through XXL to—inch waist. Similar to the Saxx boxer briefs, the Mack Weldon underwear went through multiple wash-and-dry cycles without losing shape or softness.

Inexpensive Vs Quality Underwear | A Man’s Guide To Underwear | 5 Underwear Styles For Men

One tester ran them through a medium-warm cycle and noted that the fabric pilled. Hanes makes good-quality underwear at an affordable price. If you want most of the benefits—soft fabrics, a flattering pouch, and a supportive design—of the modern premium brand for less than half the price, Hanes offers these in its Comfort Flex Fit boxer briefs. Both Saxx and Mack Weldon use higher-quality fabrics and have more structured pouches and better seams around the leg holes, which hold them in place more securely.

The Comfort Flex Fit underwear from Hanes is an updated version of its mainstay underwear line. Hanes, similar to our other picks, is made with a cotton, modal, and spandex fabric blend. Our testers were impressed with the softness of the Hanes fabric, but many had doubts about the loud branding. The longer inseam protects against chafing farther down the thigh. However, the extra leg fabric can bunch up or ride around if the briefs start to loosen.

It felt like they were freshening things up. Familiar, but elevated. Nice Laundry. Tommy John. Calvin Klein. Buy It Here. American Eagle. Urban Outfitters.

Mario Abad Mario Abad is a style and grooming writer based in Manhattan. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Style. Our Style Pick of the Week: The Best New Swimsuits for Summer Versatile Fleece Jackets for Unpredictable Weather. Lululemon Underwear. The New Shinola Vinton. If you are purchasing online, check the sizing charts and purchase according to your waist size. If the underwear is a size too small, the waistband will cut into your love handles and make you look fatter than you are.

A size too large results in the dreaded saggy bum effect. In either case — you will be constantly adjusting your underwear throughout the day.

Opt for a larger size if your measurement falls in between sizes better roomy than tight! Check out TaniUSA. Their underwear is the best I've ever owned and they are a great company to boot! Your underwear forms the foundation of your outfit. That's a big mistake. Underwear fulfills a number of different functions.

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It keeps your clothes clean by absorbing sweat and body fluids. It helps to support the genitals. It reduces friction between your manly parts and your trousers. It helps regulate temperature, not only keeping the body warm but helping to cool it off when the right fabrics are used! Related posts: