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Groupon success created a new history in the e commerce industry. It has shifted deals market in to the new height today and even the big companies like Google and AOl also planned to launch their Groupon clone websites by impressing with Groupon. According to Mashable some of the people received daily deal emails from Google in the name of Google Offers.

Recently Google failed to buy the Groupon. This is the right time to start a Group buy site but developing a website like Groupon will be costlier and it takes more time to create.

Open Source Groupon Clone Script - similar to . . .

To help the people to start a Groupon clone site, few months back Ndot launched open source script for download. Till now thousands of people downloaded the script and started their deals site and the number is going on. The features of Ndot premium Groupon Clone includes, Gift to Friends, Friends Reference, Deals discussion, Easy dynamic configuration set up through Admin control panel, Selection of theme from more than 8 designs, Language settings, currency setting and free updates for one year.

Nothing has happened, everything here is on hold for far too long. Today I spoke to Ndot again, the fifth person this week. First I hear yes, the person who promised you feedback was off yesterday, also a lie because I spoke to the person twice and have all the transcripts saved. Then again some excuses for the inconvenience and stuff. I have to say the tone of the company is always polite but that might be one of the few good thing. It does not help eventually when the outcome is nothing. At this point I am beyond upset. For the record, this is the first time ever that I write a complaint about a company.

Before I purchased, I took a look at several other companies who sell Clone scripts. I asked many questions to the Ndot guy on the chat, two things were guaranteed so I would have to look no further:. That this was the most complete Groupon Clone on the Internet and that it had all the functions to practically start business in no time.

This is NOT true at all! The script is sloppy and basic elements to run a real business are just absent. The script does not even come close to being ready for business. Probably true but they forgot to mention that it will cost extra, also for the things of the first point that need to be amongst the basics in the script. I have two online stores and did business over 30 times with the real Groupon and some of their local competitors since October I will tell you which standard tools are missing in the script:.

When you login the first thing you notice arte two big yellow circle diagrams that give an oversight of the overall sales per shop and total transactions, the same you will find in a graphic under that.

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This business is closed or doesn't exist. Sao Paulo , Sao Paulo. That said, you have to ask yourself if that's the right option in a world where litterally everyone is doing daily deals [groupon, living social, google, facebook, newspapers, tv stations] is looking for a free out of the box solution really going to give you a chance? I know many friends who are suffering now because of selecting the wrong script from a wrong company". Deals sharing through Facebook and Twitter can be made at ease. For example Woupon is identical to www. Now I lost my big businees on chirstmas now i lost my money too.

When people start a daily deal site the intention is to sell hundreds and maybe thousands of items right. Well this script did not think about that fact at all. Why not? Because the is simply no tool that exports an over sight per deal telling you what the buyers shipping addresses, contact details are, how much they spent, payment method used etc. The correct way should be a report which has an oversight of all these details per deal. Simply a complete export in excel nothing more, nothing less. Nowadays even the most simple webshops have this function fully integrated. As I mentioned before I worked quite a lot of times with the real Groupon as a merchant and also with some of their competitors.

All of them, even the most basic looking sites gave options regarding the codes that will appear on the vouchers which the clients will buy. What I mean by options? I have been asked by all of the daily deal sites as a merchant: Are you going to provide the codes or do you want us to generate them for you. This question is asked because there are some webshops who do not support all kind of codes. Because of this limitation they would like to provide the codes themselves in order for buyers of the coupons to go to their website and exchange their voucher there.

After all daily deal businesses are a tool for merchants to get more people to their businesses in a lot of cases their websites. Also there is no way to give the merchants a list with reserved codes up front. This is often needed because this way merchants can put the codes in their systems before the deal starts. The ideal way to solve this is the option to put self generated codes in per deal. Even better would be if I could generate the codes in a desired volume inside NdotDeals and export them per deal to excel.

When I first saw the voucher I did a test purchase , I was flabbergasted. I bet if I would ask a 8 year old to come up with a design that it would put the Ndot Deal one to shame. Not only does it look awful, it has nothing to do with any theme or housestyle, full of errors and just extremely poor looking. Same goes for the newsletter, do not expect a nice mail like the most daily deal sites send you. This is really so bad and unfinished, this was the point where I knew that they mislead their customers with their selling up tactics.

It is just not possible, at least not with their superb Platinum Version. Last week I tried to get a solution, after waiting for 2 days I got an answer: A day after via mail: I had to call of my new merchants and also postpone an advertisement. Luckily I keep the transcripts of the chat conversations and I have screenshots of their misleading promises.

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I had to pay extra for this module while the site created the impression that the module was standard by placing the logo of my Payment Provider in there layout, I mentioned it to them but ended up paying for it anyway. Just on the surface maybe. The most essential functionalities in the Back Office are missing specified above. From the 10 questions asked the answer is 7 times, yes but that will cost extra, even for the most standard things.

Would I buy this script again if I would know what I would face? Definitely not, Ndot deals might as well have been called DoNot Deal for me. At this point I do not know how I will continue, with my site, we put a lot of work into it. First I will mail Paypal as mentioned before and see if there is any possibility to get a refund, at least let them know about my experience.

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Second I will post my message as many times on the net as I can. Third I will put up a quick website wit my complaint. And last I will check out to which other scripting company to switch to. Take care and good luck on finding another provider for your script. I will share my choice as soon as I have one. There are lot of unreliable companies so please beaware of that.

Best Groupon Clone Script

Select the standard companies like Ndot they will provide you a better solution. I like Ndot deals very much because the script is developed in open source platform, contains many advanced features like social media sharing and so on. I visited your company recently in Coimbatore and I liked your office environment. After reading all the 17 comments I decided to go with Ndot.

5 Best PHP Groupon Clone Scripts

Nov 10, Ndotdeals, a Opensource Groupon Clone Php script, the finest and Groupon is a deal-of-the-day website that is localized to major markets in. Feb 4, According to Mashable some of the people received daily deal start a Groupon clone site, few months back Ndot launched open source script.

I want mobile apps for my business soon I will contact you. Jason from United States, client of Ndot Technologies. I hope Ndot provide the same good support in the upcoming feature as well to the clients. Comment the review as Ndot Technologies verified representative.

Write a private message as Ndot Technologies verified representative. Private messages do not impact your company rating. If you want your response to count towards your company rating, you can also leave a comment for this review. You can try to reach review author by writing a comment to the review or try one of our business solutions. Software Ndot Technologies 14 Review Sao Paulo , Sao Paulo.

Private message Share Share. Your Name or Login. I have read and agree to the Pissed Consumer Terms of Service. Post Comment Post Comment Cancel. Great Comment! Convert into review Leave as comment. Terms of Service. I agree to TOS Cancel. Anonymous I lost my business Apr 20, No one started their business after purchasing any product from ndot.

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So don't purchased any product from ndot and technoduce. Here you can find more reviews about ndot, https: Reply Report.

All the positive comments are written by Ndot members. NDOT is a scam.